One Saturday evening in May each year, museums and other memory institutions open their doors later than usual, at a symbolic price or even for free, to celebrate the pan-European Museum Night. The Estonian Museum Association has been organising Museum Nights since 2009. It was also the first time that the Museum Night was held all over Estonia.

The Museum Association has organised the Museum Night on 14 occasions.

Museum Night is organised every year by Estonian museums together with the Estonian Museum Association. The motto of the first Museum Night was “Things in the Night”, in 2010, “Stories in the Night”, in 2011, “Treasures in the Night”, in 2012, “Cinema in the Night”, in 2013, “People in the Night”, in 2014, “Stars in the Night”, in 2015, “Music in the Night”, in 2016, “Waves in the Night”, in 2017, “Games in the Night”, in 2018, “Night of Parties” and in 2019, “Night of Patterns” , in 2020, “Time in the Night”, in 2022 “Dreams in the Night” and in 2023, “Movement in the Night”.

In 2019, more than 102,000 museum visits were made on Museum Night.

In 2023, nearly 70,000 visitors and 188 museums and memorial institutions participated.

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